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World to Build, known formally as Happy Ninja Games, LLC., is the online voxel-based sandbox game where players can make their own everything! We are a startup company headquartered in Wake County, North Carolina. We have been making fun and exciting stuff since 2018, and we have a lot of cool stories to tell you about our game and vision.
Whether you want to learn more about our game features, watch some gameplay videos, read some reviews, or join our community, we have something for you.

Create Sharable Designs

Create awesome 3D designs with voxels in our voxel editor! You can share them with others or use them for yourself in games. Our players have made over 5,700 voxel designs so far. What will you make?

Meet New Friends

Join the World to Build community and discover a world of fun and friendship! Since 2018, over 11,900 players have joined us by word of mouth and enjoyed our amazing games and features. More than 3,000 of those 11,900 players have made new friends and connected with them on our platform.

Build. Code. Play.

Unleash your creativity in our game builder! You can make anything you imagine with our easy and fun building tools. Want to add some magic to your games? Use scripts to animate your characters, create special effects, and more. Don’t feel like building? No problem! You can also explore and play over 3,100 games made by other users.

Earn Digital Currency

Head to the Shop, where you can sell your voxel designs to other players and get a commission for each sale. You can also buy, sell and trade collectible Shop items with other players. The Shop is the place to be for all voxel enthusiasts, and over 1,900 shop items have been made to date.