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An endless tower of easy and hard obstacle courses - it's why the name of the game is called : "Sweet & Sour"!

Currently, there are 18 levels!

You can share ideas for the game and report game issues at:


v3.0.3 (June 06,2023):
Minor update in response to lag feedback.

- Grass, flowers, mushrooms and tombstones was removed from level 16 to lessen player lag.
- WTB World Developers do not have much control over world lag; we have published suggestion threads to address this issue: &

v3.0.2 (June 05, 2023):
- Three new levels were added to the tower
- Added black borders to levels
- Minor lobby update
- Level 3's checkpoint issue was addressed
- Level 2's checkpoint size was reduced in height
- Added a tip at Level 14
- Reduced speed of elevator part at Level 14
- Added black borders to levels
- Minor updates to levels 9, 10 and 11 (lava addition)

v2.0.1 (January 29, 2023):
- Five new levels were added to the tower!

- Checkpoints at the start of every level!
- Kill bricks and moving obstacles begin at level 4!
- Hints to relieve stress and frustration!

Fun Fact: Won "Team's Pick" during January 2023!
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